Legacy Property Management of Sea Isle Realty

Legacy Property Management of Sea Isle Realty

Have you ever moved to a new neighbourhood? Had that feeling where you don’t even know where to buy milk? That’s how I sometimes feel when I drive through Sea Isle City.

My father came here in the early 1950s and purchased a parcel of ground from the City of Sea Isle between 59th and 82nd streets, from Landis Avenue to the Inland Waterway. I watched this town literally grow from the sand up. Then I watched as we replaced all of the cottages that he built with the townhouses that we see today.

We have been here for three generations - and the difference from one to the next couldn’t be more shocking. The people who bought houses from my father fulfilled most of their responsibilities of ownership by simply driving over the bridge. The responsibilities attached to the houses we build today are sometimes greater and more demanding than the responsibilities you face at home with your primary residence.

Whether you’ve been here for five decades or five days, the fact is that you’re here now. You need to manage your investment - and, make no mistake about it - that is what your property is. For most people, their home here represents the single largest investment of their lives and the challenges attached exceed so many owners’ capacity to meet the demand.

We’ve built relationships with our service providers over the last 60 years and can ensure that your property is taken care of by the very best. Let us share our experience and help you to achieve the peace of mind you seek in managing your investment.

We are so fortunate to have worked with Nick Screnci and his team at Legacy. Nick’s professionalism throughout the entire home buying process was unparalleled! It didn’t stop there, being new to the vacation rental process Nick guided us from setting our rates, to recommending subcontractors which made cosmetic upgrades to the property, which in turn allowed us to get top dollar for our rental property! He made us feel comfortable with all of his recommendations and guidance. He is readily available at all times. There was so much more to the rental process than we knew. Nick’s vast experience in vacation rentals made everything seamless and very easy since he managed everything with our home. We can’t say enough great things about Nick!!
Kristy Monokian, Sea Isle City
Legacy Property Management
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